Have a great NYE and Plan your year in goals

If you’re reading this blog let’s assume you’re interested in the digital nomad lifestyle. You want freedom and independence to live live the life you want. You are ready to start living your dream life but you’re not quite there yet. Whether you’re an aspiring digital nomad or you’ve notched up a few years experience with remote working, if you’re ready to take the next step check out these 7 tips for planning your best year yet.

Tap into what fulfils your soul

Go deep and really discover what it is that you want from your life. How you want to feel about the way you live and what you want to achieve? One way to tap into your true desires is to practise mindfulness meditation. It may not instantly reveal all of your true purposes, but with consistent practise you will begin to understand your deepest motivations.

Design your ideal life

Go deeper than just what lights up your soul and start thinking about how you could make this happen. How do you want to spend your time? who you want to spend it with? And where you do want to live? Let it manifest itself all of the jigsaw pieces of 2019 are ready to be pieced together.

Learn what makes you happy

Concentrate on what you want more of in your life. Be as specific as possible and totally honest with yourself about what it is that makes you feel happiest. Don’t worry about what other people may think, remember you are creating the perfect life for YOU, no one else. You deserve happiness and only you know all the things that make your heart sing.

Figure out what you want to achieve this year

Start to think of where you’d like to be a year from now. What do you want your life to look at this time next year? A lot can happen in those 365 days, and it’s up to you to fulfill your own dreams- make sure you know what they are and what actions you need to take in the coming year to get closer to them.

Develop your skills

By envisioning your ideal life, you may have realised that your dream life has little in common with your current reality and you may need some new skills to get you to where you want to be. That’s ok You have the potential inside you to master any new abilities you’ll need to turn your dream into reality. It could be small things or it might require learning a whole new discipline. Figure out what you’re going to need and then decide how you are going to get that.

Look back on your life

Take a bird’s eye view of your whole life, even the stuff that hasn’t happened yet. Imagine you are 90 years old and are looking back at the life you’ve lead. Consider the people you’ve met, the places you’ve seen, the differences you’ve made, the impact you’ve had, the things you’ve done and the work you’ve done. Think about every aspect of your life and really lean in to understand what sort of a life you should start creating for yourself.

Be flexible

Know that there will be bumps in the road or new opportunities offered and created, that may change your course over the year. Allow for those moments and go back to the previous 6 tips to help you come to a realisation as to the best way to overcome hiccups, and whether taking on new opportunities will truly serve you.

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