Lesson 1 of Personal Development: Life is a complex mixture of emotions. 

I believe that everyone has the power to be whatever they want. It is simply about knowing what you have to offer, putting yourself out there and being ready to do the work. Failure is just learning.

I grew up in a small seaside town in Wales... with a long stretch of beach right around the corner, but usually with a rain cloud usually covering it. My favourite thing to do as a teenager was to run or walk along the coast coming up with new ideas and adventures to take my friends on. My brain has always been a creative whizz when it comes to ideas. 


I generally lived in a fantasy world because dreaming was a nicer reality than home. My family went through a crazy divorce, leaving me to be looked after by childminders for most of my youth. Each member of my family would always come to me to discuss their problems from the age of eight and I continue to do so until this present day. Through those difficult times, I learnt the true meaning of holding space for people and giving support. It was here that I learned how to be strong for me and for others. 

By the age of thirteen, I was questioning everything and heavily people focused. I would always ask my friends deep and insightful questions about emotions and things they had never really thought about. I have always been curious about how people work, why they do things and what causes what. From asking all of these in-depth questions and actually listening to their answers with complete fascination and interest, I was always able to pick them up when they felt down and push them forward when things went well. I have always enjoyed the supporting aspect of friendship and believe that by helping others, you always get something back. If not from them directly, but from somewhere else along the line. This philosophy has always led me to wonderful places. 

Lesson 2 of Personal Development: You will never regret being kind.

We are all human and have our bad days. Show kindness to everyone and you will get something back. If not straight away, somewhere else down the line.

So when I left school, I decided to study Psychology. After three years at the University of life (living on my own with housemates for the first time and meeting hundreds of new people from all different walks of life!) and studying Psychology, I learned about independence, how different people work and that there are so many different ways to be and live. 

My first photography piece sold!

My first photography piece sold!

After University, I decided to move to London and met even more different types of people. It was here that I started deeply questioning the purpose of life, identity and society. With over 8.5 million people, London shows you so many different ways to live. These initial years in London really showed me that there is no right or wrong way of living. There is just everyone's individual purpose and the human innate need to succeed. 

After working in Events and Corporate Sales for couple years, I felt this empty void. Like something was missing. I felt like I had got lost in the momentum of London, with all of its power and glory. I didn't feel like me anymore. I was full of anxiety, stress and trapped in a system where I always felt like I was pretending.

Lesson 3 of Personal Development: Life is a ride and you can ride it as you wish. 

There is no wrong or right way to live (with the exception of intentionally harming others of course!). Everyone has their idea of what is right or wrong. Everyone lives based on their values, learning and goals. 


It wasn't fun, so I decided to leave my job in corporate sales to reflect on who I was and my purpose. I travelled to Asia for a while to tap into my adventurous side. I always loved exploring unknown territories and doing daring sports to keep my blood pumping when I was younger. In doing this... away from London, my partner and my friends and family, I was able to discover who I was again and picked up the energy to inspire those I met on my travels. It was here that I decided that I wanted to help people, but had no idea how I wanted to help people.

Lesson 4 of Personal Development: Spend time away from your norm to rediscover yourself.

Take time to yourself to get to know yourself again, whether that's going for a walk, meditation, yoga, travelling or having a coaching session.


I came home and decided it was time to see a career and life coach. A friend advised me that she had seen one a few years before our discussion and helped give her some clarity on her skills which gave her the confidence to become a freelance designer. So I started my quest to find a coach which I felt was a good fit for me. I did my research and spoke to a few coaches, but I didn't feel like I connected with any of them. I wanted a happy medium between professional and personable. Then it clicked... and so I started my studies in life coaching. 

After working as a coach for a while, I decided that this wasn't enough. I wanted to make sure that I was giving my very best to my clients and so decided to go back to University whilst still running my coaching practice. This course covered leadership and development, coaching, recruitment, wellbeing and workplace culture. It gave me the in-depth knowledge to really make a difference. I am now also able to give high quality personality questionnaires to facilitate any coaching that I do. 

Lesson 5 of Personal Development: Life is about learning. Happiness is knowing yourself.

Sometimes making a lot of mistakes is needed to help you get on the right path.

Once my masters was over, I started up a wellbeing practice with a friend, where we had 10 employees going into organisations with the mission of breathing the life back into the 9-5. However, after running it for a short while... it grew into a company that I wasn’t really ready for. I was stuck in London without any freedom to roam... working 60 hour weeks. I had created my own trap! This is something I teach people, learn about the type of lifestyle you want before thinking about the business side, otherwise you can create a business that doesn’t fulfil you and your life goals.

It took up a lot of time and took away from all of my other passions and joy. So when the vote deciding Brexit happened in 2016, my business partner and I decided to let our company go and went our separate ways to focus on what we really wanted. Freedom businesses that helped others. I set up this new project, started to work remotely and now travel the world. I have never looked back. 

Lesson 6 of Personal Development: Freedom to be yourself is more important than anything.

I want to always be allowed to wear flip flops while I work.


Now with the fusion of psychology and life coaching experience, I help people, like you, live life on their own terms away from the rigid, robotic life of the 9-5. I encourage you and help you create a freedom lifestyle and business you can be proud of.

Having coached a wide range of different people, I can happily say that my coaching technique works. I am able to be creative with my theory so that my clients get the most from their session.

It is always a pleasure to see my friends/clients push forward and achieve their dreams. I'm truly grateful to them all for allowing me to be apart of their journey.

On my journey of travels, I have also been lucky enough to meet amazing people, have amazing experiences, and learn from different cultures, nomads, and clients. I am an eternal student of the universe, the people I am lucky enough to meet, and I am grateful for my path.

If you have any similarities, questions or want to share something with me, send me an email and I’d be happy to share.

Lesson 7 of Personal Development:  Persistence and focus conquer all.

If you want something enough and put in the effort, you can get it.

Thanks for reading and now that you know a lot about me... I can't wait to hear about you!