I thought I’d share a few of the most common questions to give some clarity on how I work with my ideal client. If you have a question that's not listed then drop me an email on dina@dinapyramid.com.

I am thinking about setting up a freedom business, what words of advice do you have for me?

Go and do it! There is no time like the present and there will always be obstacles. If you are willing to make sacrifices and work hard, the gains are incredible. Think freedom, autonomy and a feeling of knowing you are living your fullest potential. 

The trickiest thing is knowing what you want to do. And that's fine too! Because ultimately, it doesn't matter! Life is about exploration and learning... try out as much as you can and see what sticks. Know and accept that when you pick something, it might look completely different in a few years or you might be completely different and might want to pursue something else. It's all learning... and fulfilment comes from learning. Having direction stops complacency and boredom. 

I am happy to work with you learn your why, your strengths and help you create a tailor-fit career that sells. No more stumbling around and mixed messages to the external world. Take some clear, definitive action towards freedom.

Who do I work with?

I work with Freedom Seekers who are ready to take a step towards their dream alternative lifestyle. These people are determined, relentless and adventurous. They are willing to break the status quo for themselves, but are equally focused on helping others too.  My clients want to create ethical, compassionate and profitable businesses around their rich life. These are all people that see the value of investing in themselves and know that I am able to help others and live my freedom lifestyle by paying me for my services. 

  • I don't help people who don't want to put in the effort and elbow grease to make their dream happen. I don't help people find investors or workers... however, I will give you the tools and skill-set to find them yourself.

  • I don't help people who want a "get rich quick" scheme.

  • I don't help people who want to trick or manipulate others.

  • I don't help people who expect something for free. 

What if i don't have a business idea but i’d love your help.

You should consider the Brain Booster sessions or something a little more bespoke that we can figure out together. Send me a message and we can sort something out.

If you want to start up a business, but are unsure about your idea, then this is my specialty. I am great at coaching people to their dream profitable business by looking at who you are, your strengths, and helping you see the viability of your project. I will help you test your ideas for profitability. You will quickly uncover why and what you should be doing without putting too much effort into it.


Am I too young? Too old?



I have been coaching people for years and I can honestly say that you are never too old or young to start something. My courses are not ageist and do not discriminate in any way. Even if you have other commitments like kids, a job, etc. We will work around it and make sure you move towards your dream life. 

How can I convince my partner to let me do this?

This is an incredibly important question and a question you should be asking. And my answer is be honest. Explain to them why you want to work with a coach or why you want to start up a business. That way they are able to encourage you to become the person you want to be. Maybe they will change with you.

One of my clients told me that her husband was unsure about her taking the course, which made her wary but after a lot of thought, she decided to do it anyway! Now that she has a fully functioning business and is able to provide a freedom lifestyle for her and now she is encouraging him on his path!

I also recommend showing them the testimonial page.  Credibility helps to make magic happen.

CAN I DO THIS from anywhere in the world?


Of course! That is what being a Freedom Seeker is all about! I travel around so it would be rude if I couldn’t work with you if you did too. But I will ask nicely to make sure that you aren’t late or miss sessions. It’s annoying and wastes time that I could be spending with other clients or having fun. I’m sure you get that!

All I'm going to say is... don't be silly! Anyone can do anything. It all comes down to mindset and self-belief. My biggest limiting belief growing up was that I wasn't smart. I had a sister that would always get As and went to Oxford University. I had parents that encouraged me to follow in her footsteps. But I was more of a creative and your classic B grade student. Had some brains, procrastinated and never really enjoyed following the rules. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that people would listen to me for business and life advice. But things change, people grow and skills develop. You can be anything you want to be.

Don't let yourself or anyone else tell you otherwise. Be brave, be bold and go get what you want!

I'm not special/smart/ cool enough to be a Freedom Seeker!



Bull shit. You haven't explored every avenue in the world and therefore you don't know that for certain. The thing is that school conditions us to think that there are certain ways to do things and measure ability in a really rigid way. My guess is you are amazing at something but because you've never had the chance to try or explore it, then you could be missing out! Remember that life is about exploration. Go test things out and see what sticks. You’ll be surprised what you become passionate about. I picked up a guitar for the first time ever 3 months ago and now love it.

Think to yourself: What do you like talking about? What do you enjoy doing? What makes your ears prick? What do people say I'm good at? All of these will indicate potential passion pathways.

I'm not passionate about anything...



All my courses are done week-by-week and one-to-one. We will arrange a call with you every week and you will get all the documents in asana. People take things at their own pace and this is meant to be a fun journey. Enjoy where you are with it and great things can happen. You will have lifetime access to any material, so if you need a break then that's not a problem. 

How do your courses work?


Roughly between 5-10 hours per week... 1 hour is self-study, the rest is homework time. But of course, the more time you spend, the quicker you will see results.

How much time does it take to do this course per week?

Yes you can, at anytime. Remember that I am always here to help. 


Can I add extra coaching calls later?

Yes, up to three payments. More payments makes everything more complex with the law, debt collectors and is a lot of hassle for me to chase.

Do you have a payment plan?