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Working with Dina has helped me discover not only what my passion is but how to direct that into a business that can sustain me and my clients. Every step she has been there to lead me to my own answers and develop the tools to run my own business. Throughout the time we've worked together Dina has been so approachable and utterly non-judgemental, she has really helped me break down some of my barriers with self-confidence. Within the sessions, Dina has quickly created a space where I don't feel ashamed of or too embarrassed to voice an idea. This is something I've personally struggled with all my life so shaking off these shackles now feels like freedom to me!

- Maisie Kennedy

‘I’ve had a few Skype coaching calls with Dina now. She is always concise and helps me structure my goals. Having a remote work coach helps me keep on track and get advice on the journey. This is helpful because at times it is lonely and frustrating when often those around me seem bewildered by what I’m doing. Going against the crowd is never easy but ultimately worth it. Dina also has helped me massively to grow my Instagram following for music. I recommend her as a coach.”

- Dan Willer, Dan Willer Consultancy

Dina is an energetic and inspirational person who supported me in uncovering who I am and in finding solutions which could overcome my limiting beliefs. It was a pleasure to work with her. She is kind, empathetic and fun. Initially I was sceptical how coaching works, but from our time together I have opened up to many possibilities. Thanks for your help and would recommend your services.

- Zeenat Noorani, Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Trainee Coach

Over the course of our sessions, I have become much more productive and am on my way to achieving my goals. I was unsure of my goal in the first couple of sessions and lacked self-confidence. Working with Dina has helped me overcome these problems, however small they may seem, and I have become much more proactive and able to get what I want. Not only that, I now have a great time-management system to make sure I stay focused and moving fast.

— Christopher Horsfall, Musician IAMTHE NORTH

Dina’s creative coaching style moved me from a place of in-action to a firm plan of work for the next 3 months within just a few sessions. Not only did I overcome some big creative blocks but I got excited about writing again and started to plan for a profitable and realistic future.

Katie Jackson, Freelance writer and This Little Piggy Reflexology


The coaching with Dina was really good, she asked me a lot of questions and gave me the confidence, that I am on the right path with my business. 

I have a lot of ideas, but struggle a bit to put them into place and implement them the right way.

With Dina's help, I got more clarity to know, what are the next steps, in the sense that we made a plan, which are the most important things to focus on now in order to reach my goal. Which in the end we broke down to three key milestones I have to reach. 


And she gave me some tools and techniques, with which I can structure my time better and be more productive, so I definitely will try those out as well!

- Melanie Hafner, VeganLife Rocks



My coaching sessions with Dina have had a positive impact on my life. The most significant outcome being that I have a new confidence and excitement in my approach to work and life in general. Dina has given me tools to break down problems and find practical and creative solutions. She is a committed coach who has pushed me to go further with things – It is a shift in mind-set that I am grateful for.

— Georgia Neville, Actress

I have been working with Dina on my personal effectiveness in various different areas of my working and personal life. Dina is a fantastic coach – she really drills down into her questions to help me visualize the steps I need to take to achieve my goals. Dina is positive, friendly, easy to talk to, discreet and inspirational. Specifically Dina helped my organize my ridiculously busy life – so that I can realise my ambition, full potential and dreams."

Louise Agostini, Freelance Sales Coordinator

Just in 3 sessions with Dina I increased my productivity dramatically and I can now enjoy more balance between my work and personal life. Instead of having a feeling of never finished work at the end of the day, I now have a feeling of accomplishment. Dina is a friendly coach and builds trust quickly. Her insightful questions, observations and encouragement helped me to change unwanted behaviours straight after the session. If something seems impossible to you, Dina will be an excellent companion and will guide you through the change step by step.

Ieva Martinaityte, Business Management and Creativity Lecturer at University of East Anglia


"Working with Dina on Passions that Profit has been inspiring. It has given me direction and structure to move forward with what I really want and care about. I started with a totally different business plan and midway through, I altered my business idea to align to my values and lifestyle. I truly feel happy with the new direction of where my business is going. Our sessions always leave me excited as there is always a clear structure and next steps. Dina pushes you hard, but it’s always necessary and welcome. There are real results and a ‘can-do’ approach, and that is what really matters! The most valuable take away I have learnt from my sessions with Dina is to always take the first step and then another, and then another. And to act and push forward if it’s something that we are truly passionate about." - Ami Khan

I had a wonderful time with Dina. She helped me a lot with my troubles in my job, and then later, when I had big changes in my life because of a surgery. She has that capacity to help you find the answers of your inner questionings, and help you foresee the future and the better way to achieve your goals. I could recommend her without any doubt to all my friends and family!

Anne Laure Badaut, Communication Manager and Communication Officer


Dina is an excellent coach who helped me to boost my confidence as an illustrator and my organisational skills. Just in few sessions, I have a better insight of myself as a professional. I am able to set goals, meet deadlines, fully know my strength, made peace working with media and got to understand my own way of working, in order to respect it and get the best out of me.

Elena Bosquet, Illustrator

I found Dina’s approach very effective in that she makes you stop and centre yourself, which at first is hard to do, but once putting it into practice; it helped me to remain focused. I had the privilege to receive her committed support and out of this process I got to decide, commit and act on my goals. Dina’s professionalism created a space that helped me to be focused, creating a powerful environment enabling me to see the opportunity for growth in each of my goals and be grateful.

— Pradip Mistry, Transition Coach at Wealth and Wellbeing