want a transformation?

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is an amazing space held by a coach and her client, where the client has the permission to talk, dream big, complain, and make comments about their life, with the goal to achieve bigger and better things. It is usually a transformative conversation where the client is in control to go as deep into their psyche as they want, with no judgement from the coach. The only things I will do is help you swim through your creativity so you can achieve your best life and highest potential. Everyone is capable of more freedom and everyone is capable to live life to their fullest. I am here as a friend and a coach to help you succeed.

How do people become location independent?

Either by working remotely for a company or by starting up a business online or that gives them the ability to move around whilst working, whether that’s in marketing, technology, coaching, course building, virtual assisting, video editing, or something along these lines. This is what type of businesses people start up when working with me.

How do I get my boss to let me work remotely?

So this can be tricky as some bosses are old-fashioned or the job doesn’t suit remote working. So if you want to work remotely and still keep the same job, I would personally sit with your manager or boss and find out their views on remote work. If you have a document or something showing how people do it and what the benefits are, you could have a better chance of working remotely. Here is something I’ve put together to help start the conversation with your boss: Click here for a document to show your boss. Try out this as a start and then then you can either carry on the conversation or offer me as a coach if they want further assistance.

Where do people go when they are location independent?

There are co-working spaces and cafes around the world, so anywhere. The world is your oyster… but usually we flock to good wifi. Key global hubs are Bali, Chiang Mai, and Lisbon. If you want more help why not on solo-travel and/or work and travel, send me a message on dina@dinapyramid.com or apply below.

How can I learn more?

By joining our online global community, READING THIS BLOG ON HOW TO WORK AND TRAVEL or by…

Honour that all free discovery calls are gratitude and are likely to lead to paid
memberships or packages with me if we match in goals and desires.

Check out my Blog to learn more about the digital nomad lifestyle…

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who is Dina?


Hey, I’m Dina and I’m behind this site and the Digital Nomad Lifestyle - We Are Freedom Seekers community.

I’ve been chasing financial freedom since the age of 19 and chasing planes for the past two years.

I am a fully qualified strengths-based psychologist and life coach, and I have been coaching for 6 years. Before this, I was working freelance in events and sales which helped me get business know-how and skill… and these are what I help people with as a digital nomad.

That’s me in a nut shell!

Want more info? Read more about my story here.

What do I do?

I help people start up successful remote businesses.

I help people become location independent.

I help people move countries.

I help people make radical changes in their lives.

I help people reach a place of flow, fulfilment and joy.

My method works by uncovering your potential, your strengths, and helping you create solutions. I also draw upon my own personal experience to mentor you where needed like marketing, sales, and with stories.

Honour that all free discovery calls are gratitude and are likely to lead to paid
memberships or packages with me if we match in goals and desires.

How can we get you closer to freedom?

Whether that’s being a digital nomad working remotely travelling the world, or simply giving up the routine, and working from a coffee shop in order to gain the lifestyle you deserve. In short, I am here to help you design and live your fullest, most fulfilling life.

I want you living life on your terms.

I only work with people on a one-to-one basis… this is much more valuable than any course you purchase online that paints you with the same brush as everyone else. We will work closely together to focus on your strengths, goals and objectives so that you have the BIGGEST chance of reaching your freedom dream.

Be in the driving seat. Choose life over fear.

Check out the F.A.Qs if you have more questions or…

Honour that all free discovery calls are gratitude and are likely to lead to paid
memberships or packages with me if we match in goals and desires.

“Say Yes to a better life. Yes to living to your full potential. Yes to discovering your true purpose.

Yes to unlocking your hidden wants and desires.”

Offering free coaching to those who want to start a charity. However, I only have one space available each month,
so please send me a personal message to apply.