The Mindful Goal Planner


The Mindful Goal Planner

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Are you one of those people that need a bit of structure around what you’re doing because you have so many ideas and epiphanies that you are being pulled in hundreds of directions… or sometimes feel like you are chasing your own tail with no real clue about what you want or what you are doing?

Yep. I have been both of those! And I can honestly say it doesn’t matter where you are on your path… whether it’s the beginning, half way through or towards the end. It’s confusing and stagnating. Not cool, not fun, not for us to be dealing with anymore!

So to help you on your journey, I have created a heart-centred goals planner to create goals based on how you are feeling, so you create goals from the heart of what we REALLY want rather than chasing every goal or our own tail.

And I honestly find that a little bit of mindful planning and direction focused questions really puts things in perspective and help me achieve more, so I though I’d share my secrets with you!

This goal planner is unique… it combines energy work with strategic planning, so perfect if you want to dig deeper on goals. But if you skip to pages 16-31, you will get straight down to planning. Please do as you want with it as it’s your planner.

This goal setting pack will help you to take on the world by:

  • Tap into your emotions and create lifestyle and business goals based on what you really need.

  • Creating a mindset of positivity.

  • Learning how to make goals in the present moment, rather than just focusing heavily on the future you.

  • Understand your skills and know how to fit it into a business

  • Keep you motivated and inspired

  • Set clear annual and monthly goals

  • Keep you updated with progress and constantly improving your approach.

  • Move forward with clarity.

  • Learn to trust what your body needs so you run your life in balance.

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