7 Questions to help you find your Niche

Finding your niche can be tricky! You might feel passionate about the idea of a nomadic lifestyle or running your own business, but not sure where to start. Figuring out what your offering to the world should be can take some soul-searching, so to help, here are a few questions to get you thinking about what your offer and your niche could be.

  1. What are your skills and strengths?

Whatever you decide to do, it’s going to be a whole lot more enjoyable if you’re good at it! If this question stumps you, try looking at it from a different angle. Are you the one friends always depend on to know the plan? You’re probably great at organisation. Do you notice people coming to you with problems that they then go on to solve? Maybe motivating others is one of your key skills. Start a list and write down all and any that you think up.

    2. What type of person wants your skills and products?

Once you’ve figured out what your skills are, start to consider who you could benefit with those skills and how. Are you going to be pitching to individuals or organisations? If the latter, would your skill set fit best with a large organisation or a small or medium one? Men or women? Both? Mums? Athletes? Begin to really question who your target audience is.

    3. Describe this person - how well do you know them and their needs?

Think about the lifestyle of your ideal client. When they have free time. When they don’t. What their budget would be. Why they might be looking for your skills. See how specific you can be, and really try and get inside the mind of someone who would buy your product or service.

    4. How can you package your offer?

In other words, how can you make your offer look most attractive to the people who are likely to want your product or service? What about your offer will your target audience pick up on?

    5. Does your brand represent what you are selling?

Thinking about your target audience and your offering, does your brand reflect what you want to present? If you were your own client would you be attracted by the look of your website? Your logo? Your brand name? Think about all of these things when creating a brand to represent your product.

    6. What is your price point?

Are you high ticketed with a small number of buyers? Lower priced with many customers? Do you appeal to both ends of the market? Thinking about these things will help you not only price your product but to decide how to market your offering.

    7. Can you get even more specific on your target audience?

Try to really get into the mindset of the people you want to sell to. Plan out what a day in the life might look like. Get really clear about where and how your product or service will fit into their life. Be as specific as you can as it is the nuances that will really help you to find your niche.

Has all this got your creative juices flowing? If you’re ready to jump in, find an idea, talk about niching, or any other aspect of running your own business, why not book in a chat with me, so we can open up your possibilities together?