The Safe Job Myth

What most people think: Real life means paying bills and therefore I need to keep my job. It’s a nice to dream, but wake back up to reality!

Many people have been tricked into thinking that we need a steady income and need to provide for our family, cats and have this idea that if we don’t, we will end up in a cardboard box at the end of our road.

That means that there are many people out there that would prefer to work in a passionless job for an income that they can rely on. But if you look at the reality of job contracts now, zero contract hours are growing and most contracts have a notice period of an average of a month. Where is the job security in that? In a capital driven world, I wouldn’t want you to kid yourself that in a quick turn of events that you couldn’t be replaced for someone else. And let’s say you do get fired… then you have spent a bunch of years wasting time in a job you don’t really care about with people you probably don’t like (with the exception of a few), but you’ve picked up a few skills that will benefit you in the long run if you decide to stay in the rat-race.

Not only that if you decide to stay in the rat-race, hours are increasing and so are tenures. Analysts are predicting that most people will be working in their 70s and 80s. And with assuming you do make it to then… THEN you will be able to enjoy retirement and then live the dream on your pension. But wait a minute… aren’t these the same pensions that went down in the crash in 2008… and the pensions that are constantly under scrutiny on the news because the government keep fiddling with them. If you really look into what you are getting in return for your soul… the 9-5 rat-race isn’t looking so good now!

Here’s are a list of why conventional jobs are stupid and why you could do better!

Firstly, jobs are risky. Any expert, business owner or consultant will tell you that being 100% dependent on one client is risky business. And if you look at employment, it is basically like having one client because it is one income source. As someone who has many clients, if I lose one.. that sucks, but I still have an income. If you lose your job, then that’s all your income gone.

And Secondly, someone else is in control of your life. When you are 100% financially dependent on one client, then they can tell you what to do, what to wear, how to act, where to be at what time, etc. I am sure you hated it as a teenager when your parents told you to do it, so why are you letting someone with their own agenda tell you how to run your life. When you make money on your own terms, then you can start negotiating the rules and you can decide how you want to play. True freedom comes from the ability to dance with changes, not be a victim to your circumstances.

But I’m sure now you are thinking… don’t the majority of small businesses fail? Isn’t there a stat that says 50% of small business fail.

Yes, it’s true… some businesses fail, but that is because of so many different reasons.

Firstly, many people don’t understand the art of grafting. Think about how hard you have worked in the rat-race… pretty damn hard! Most of you have worked long hours, spent loads of hours learning your trade, adjusted to working the 9-5 and learnt to bite your tongue when you don’t agree with the board. Why do you think starting a business would be any different? It takes time to master the art of selling, branding and packaging, knowing your client, etc. But with the perseverance and energy, you can do it and be successful. Having started up 4 different businesses (two of I rebranded) and freelancing for nearly a decade, I can honestly tell you that it’s a tricky road, but the results are worth it. I live life on my own terms, have the space to explore and learn new things about myself, and don’t have to worry about anyone else to make me financially secure.

Secondly, I meet so many people who just aren’t willing to invest in themselves. There are so many people who want something for nothing… and unfortunately, that is not how the world works. You spent so much money going to University, or on equipment, or so many hours learning how to do something… But then many expect to just understand how to run a business because of this. Business is an art in itself. Take the time to learn it… appreciate that if you learn it properly, then you get so much back in the long run. You get financial freedom for as long as you want. You get new ways of thinking. Opportunities. You get to explore your passions. You get to travel now and not wait until you are 60. You can even spend more time with your family, friends and create new friendships with the people you connect with.

I think the real question is: Do you want to be secure… or do you want to feel secure?

The reality of life is that neither working for someone else or working for yourself will give you full security. But if you decide to work for yourself, then you have the potential of winning rather than being victimised.

So when you are asking yourself… “Can I afford to leave the 9-5?”

Maybe rephrase that to “Can I afford not to?”

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