Starting up a Freedom Lifestyle

Having worked in corporate London, I understand the burden of the 9 to 5. I knew after a couple of months that corporate London was not for me. And I can’t say I’m surprised in hindsight because mental health and ill health in the workplace is rapidly increasing by the second. It seems like we are in the era of craving something a little freer. Why? Because life is more than just going to work, having kids and watching TV.

That lifestyle might suit some and not others, and that’s ok. But some people want something where they feel a little more freedom and Independence. Why? Because life isn’t just about work. It’s about enjoyment, connection and compassion… and I found that those elements were missing from my corporate London experience. And I’m really not surprised. Did you know that that one worker in six are either experiencing depression, anxiety or problems? Mental health is a massive issue that is becoming more of a hot topic and although many combat stress in the workplace throughout wellbeing. Many combat stress in the workplace from within, whilst I like to combat a little differently. Instead, I like to help people build their dream lives and businesses.


Here are some key tips on how to quit the 9 to 5: 

1.     Clear all psychological barriers, blocks and limiting beliefs

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Notice your thoughts and change them back to positive thoughts. Do this using positive intention. For example, instead of saying “I don’t want to do this” instead state something a little bit more positive. It is always best not to make any false conclusions about your thoughts... do your research and explore the findings. Use online research, always be curious and chat to people. Check out my Break your Barriers book as a good place to start.

2.     Get some clear, tangible goals

Without a clear direction or purpose, it’s difficult to go anywhere. Make a list of everything you want to achieve and then go get them! Create bigger picture goals and then deduct them into smaller goals. If your visual, I find creating mind maps great for setting goals. If you are auditory, then say things out loud and record them onto your phone. Check out my Mindfulness Goal Planner to help you get introspective AND strategic.

3.     Create a clear strategy on what you need to do

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Make a plan and stick to it. Set times to start work and then focus on pushing forward. It’s important that you know your outcome so you can set clear deadlines. Targets make you work harder. Mindfulness is an amazing tool to help you stay focused. Mindfulness-based practices train the brain to observe stimuli objectively and keep awareness, helping to control your thoughts, emotions and experiences. Mindfulness helps you put all your fears aside so you can focus on what you need to do.

4.     Focus on self-care

Make sure you keep your wellbeing up by taking regular breaks and reward yourself for good work. It is important that you regulate your energy and look after yourself whilst building your dream lifestyle and business. One thing I find really helpful is yoga and spending time with family and friends. Connecting to nature, yourself and others is one great way to build, nourish and grow which can inspire your future freedom lifestyle.

5.     Always be kind and compassionate

When stepping into the freedom lifestyle, it’s important to focus on the moments of kindness people bring. It is important to connect fully and do good things for others. In my experience it comes back to you. Why not challenge yourself to doing one kind act for the next 7 days and see how you feel.

6.     Freedom comes from within

Sometimes the world and others might try and drag you down, but if you keep being kind and carry on with focus and determination, you will be ok. Don’t let others dictate how your life should be. Freedom comes from trusting yourself and the opportunity to make choices.

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