Designing the Perfect Logo for your Freedom Business

A typical supermarket alone has over 100,000 different logos and labels. If you were to stop and take a picture of every logo that you can see on or around your desk (or in your car, or cafe) I am pretty certain you would reach nearly twenty, if not more. Brands are identified by their logos and play a crucial part in developing your business.

Deciding on your logo can be extremely daunting as it will eventually develop into the visual icon that defines you and your business. Your logo can and should express feeling and meaning and distinguish you from your competitors. Your logo will be key in creating recognition for your business and helping clients remember their experiences and form positive associations with your brand. This article will help you create a logo that conveys your brand seamlessly and effortlessly.

An example of a strong logo for your business

Okay, now for the fun part. What makes a great logo? Here are a few steps for brainstorming a logo design that works for you, your customers and your business.

Step 1: Take pictures of all the logos you see around you. Divide the logos into categories of what you like/don’t like or feel neutral about. Gain clarity on what it is that draws your attention, what causes disinterest and what you admire! This is a great place to start.

Step 2: Sit back. Look at your company's name. What does it invoke in you? What do you want it to invoke in others? That is what your logo should communicate. Need some more help? Write down a few words that further define your company's “essence.”

Here are some more tips to help you create the perfect logo for your business.

An example of a strong logo for your business

•   Think Versatility! Your logo will reach beyond the landing page for your website. Remember your logo will be almost everywhere - on your products, your business cards, your signage, your mailouts and many other places. A good logo will look great anywhere, whether it’s an embroidered patch or an e-book excerpt.


•   Keep it Simple! A logo should have only the essentials. It doesn’t need your logo to explain your service or business - that’s what the content is for.

•   Choose your typeface (font) carefully! Using the right typeface for your logo is essential. You should already know what your brand’s essence is, so make sure the typeface follows that same lead.

Common Mistakes with Logos:

1.     Too much going on - a busy logo will distract the eye and leave the viewer confused, leading to an unmemorable experience.

An example of a weak logo with too much going on

2.     Don’t follow fads. Logos should be timeless and unless there is a specific reason why your brand should identify with a current trend, it is best to avoid trends at all costs. Take this fad: geometric blocks. Sure it looks great now (early 2017), but trust me, it's a fad.

3.     Forgetting your customer! Designing a logo should represent your business, so shouldn’t your customers be represented in your logo too? Designing your logo with your clients in mind will ensure that your clients will identify with the logo and that your business will appeal to them.

Once you have a logo in mind make sure it works. Ask everyone around you and especially yourself if you can imagine your logo everywhere. Creating a great logo design it is well worth the time, the investment and the effort. Your logo will lead your business into the future, so make sure it is something you are proud of and feels represents you and your business.  

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