The man behind Nomad Capitalist

My inspiration for founding Nomad Capitalist was actually my own, personal need. To be completely honest, it was never about performing any kind of business service per se. It simply evolved out of my own needs and experiences.

Digital nomad cities - how to travel and earn at the same time

Before seriously traveling, I had started and sold a number of businesses in the United States. These businesses ranged from a broadcasting company to a car retail business, a swimming pool service to investing into other companies and helping a friend start a financial services and insurance business.

Eventually, I had built myself up to where my various US businesses were very location independent. I was able to start traveling more than I was staying in the United States and began working with my clients long distance from European cafés and Southeast Asian beaches. 

But I wanted more freedom.

Digital nomads live freer lives from the 9 to 5 grind.

And that's when I decided to cut all my business ties in the US and fully live the nomad lifestyle. Once I sold all of my businesses I not only had the financial means to take an early semi-retirement, but I was free as a bird to go explore the world. 

Amidst my travels, I took advantage of all the tax benefits that come with the expat lifestyle. I knew I could make the various tax, investment and business laws and opportunities around the world work in my favor, so I went out to take advantage of it and stop paying tax. That is when I had the thought "Go where you are treated best." And that's exactly what I did. I began to search for and go to all the places that would treat my money, businesses, lifestyle and investments the best. 

As I did so, I began a blog to write about my findings: where I was looking at property, in which countries I was considering a second residency or passport, how I found out something was a scam, when I discovered a little known investment opportunity... I wrote about it all. I was telling my experiences mainly for my personal benefit, but before I knew it I had three million people coming to my website per year and another million between the Podcast and YouTube. It just blossomed into something I would never have imagined.


Andrew has been internationalizing since 2007, and has learned what works and what doesn't work when it comes to second passports, offshore banking, tax reduction, and investing. He shares strategies you can use to grow and protect your own wealth and freedom and create the international lifestyle and your offshore blueprint

Amazing Digital Nomad Andrew, Founder of Nomad Capitalist

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