What Type of Customer Do You Bring In?

In every business, whether it’s remote or fixed, it is important to think about the kind of customer you bring in. Once you understand who your clients are, what their needs are, and how they buy from you, you can carefully tweak your business model to fit them.

So firstly, what do you know about your clients?

What kind of people are your clients? You must be clear on who they are, what their interests are and in which direction they are developing. If you know this, you will be able to really tailor your offering to suit them and their needs.

The best way to do this is to start with the smallest market possible… so niche down, and do your market research. And honestly, market research should never be underestimated and should be done regularly as the market is always changing. Understanding your target audience and their needs means that you become the best person to serve them. If you know what their needs are and how to market their needs properly and well, you will be the one to get their business over your competitors.

You can do this over survey, phone calls or holding focus groups. And in these sessions, you want to get this knowledge:

  • Demographic

  • What their need is

  • What they would like to happen in an ideal world

  • How will a solution impact their lives

  • What solution are they looking for

  • How would they like to be approached about a solution

  • How much would they pay for this solution

If you find out this information, then you can easily tailor your business strategy to fit their needs.

It’s as easy as that. If you need help setting this up or with any business stuff in general, send me a message and I’d be more than happy to help: dina@dinapyramid.com.

Also, another thing to focus on is what type of client will you be attracting…

Here are a selection of different buyer categories to choose from…

Convenience Seekers: Transactional, impulse buyers, fast delivery, focused on quantity instead of quality.

Ways to catch these buyers: Products by the counter, discounts, ensure quick delivery, offers.

Brand buyers – focused on your identity and branding, not price sensitive, quality, referrals high.

Ways to catch these buyers: Referrals, advertising, clear lifestyle branding.

Casual buyers – Occasionally buy your product, not brand focused.

Ways to catch these: Attractive branding, discounts, marketing new products.

Relationship seekers – people looking to know the person behind the brand, referrals high, promotions are a good way to start the relationship, and connection is most important.

Ways to catch these: Attractive branding, the person is the brand, conversation, referrals and connection to the client.

Bargain hunters – looking for a good price. Will compromise quality for price.

Ways to catch these: discounts, offers.

All of these will have their own way of shopping and so if you understand the approach of your buyers you are able to tailor your marketing to suit their habits. This is a little bit trickier, but why you really need to know your buyers.

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