Top 10 co-working spaces

Where do you like to work? Do you prefer working at home, at cafes, or at co-working spaces? If you haven’t tried a co-working space, then this is my next mission for you. I find them to be the most productive places to get work done… well worth the extra buck that you probably would have spent on coffee or random non-memorable stuff anyways (and good co-working spaces give you coffee for free!)

What is a co-working space?

The remote working lifestyle is on the rise and so are dedicated workspaces for freelancers to to feel at work in. However, as any remote worker will tell you, productivity can flop when you are location independent and even more so when you are a nomad. So one way we structure ourselves is joining a co-working space. A place where you get a desk, coffee, and everything you need to get you working hard, whilst being surrounded by other hard-workers to keep your motivation high. Co-working spaces are places you can go and rent space- by the day, week or month to set up your laptop and connect to your work world- basically, it’s office space. Unlike regular offices, the desk tenants are usually transient, coming and going with their travel plans. Just like regular offices, not all co-working spaces are created equal. Some are beautiful, some are hippy, some are corporate. Some have community events and others don’t.

There are many co-working spaces all over the world now, I bet wherever you are you can find at least one. That’s why I have made a top 11 list of co-working spaces across the globe that are renowned to have something special about them, so you can test co-working spaces rather than spending all of your time and money working solo in cafes.

  1. Outpost - Ubud, Bali

There are loads of co-working spaces in the digital nomad hub that is Bali. Ubud, generally considered the cultural capital of the island, has a great selection. Almost anywhere you choose to set up your laptop will give you inspiration simply thanks to the abundant creativity of Ubud. Outpost has got to be one of the most beautiful workspaces ever, with its views over the jungle and even a couple of pools you can relax in.

2. Punspace Tha Pae Gate - Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is a new location, sister space to the original Chiang Mai cowork space. There is lots of room here, inside and out, with complimentary refreshments and a quick walk to yummy restaurants when it comes time to take break.

3. Ministry of New - Mumbai, India

Full of plants and colourful decor this place is a creative nomad’s dream. Especially designed with creative types in mind, the Ministry of New is a beautiful space to escape the hubbub of the city.


4. Coco Coffice - Barcelona, Spain

More like a coffee shop than the other spaces on the list, this place is all about the comfort and cosiness to get you through your day. Unlike other spaces, here you are charged by the hour (€3) for your desk, with coffee and snacks included.

5. Village Underground - Lisbon, Portugal

Possibly the hippest space on the list. The offices here are all in disused shipping containers and defunct double decker buses, so you really get that hipster feel while you work.

6. BounceSpace - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Not just flexible work spaces are offered at BounceSpace. Here you will find all sorts of facilities from a cafe to a bike mechanic and a barbers so you can tick off a few of those ‘life’ to-dos along with your work.

7. El 3er Espacio - Mexico City, Mexico

Located in one of the chicest neighbourhoods in the city, the surroundings of and view from this workspace are special. Walking distance from loads of interesting restaurants, galleries and shops for when you’re ready to take a break and some of the best internet available in Mexico for when you need to connect.

8. Spin Street House - Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is becoming more and more of a destination for digital nomads. Spin Street is a funky space in the centre of the city. Set up for the freelance worker crew- high speed internet plus workshops and networking events mean you’ll stay connected.


9. MakerSpace - Sydney, Australia

Not just your average co-working space. This place is also home to creative makers and their workshops- you can learn crafts like pottery during downtimes at your desk. With the clean and calm decor and the high speed connection, you’re bound to get loads done in a day here.

10. Dojo - Canggu, Bali

Co-working at Dojo is highly productive with a quiet hum in the air and many different physical spaces & nooks to choose from, you will work alongside other like-minded people. The opportunity to mingle and network with other digital nomads and entrepreneurs is second to none.  Get involved.

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