Best retreats to escape your busy lifestyle

A retreat is a special period of time, taken out of your regular routine or lifestyle, and usually has as a focus self study. A retreat is a time to examine yourself, your life and your reactions. A retreat space is somewhere you can go to think carefully, about your personal life, your business, where the two merge or perhaps something you haven’t even thought of yet.

There are many different retreats with all sorts of different focuses, from writers retreats to yoga retreats. A main theme running through them all is to provide a space for you to experience a recognition and shift of your thoughts, a swell in creativity and to bring more ease into your life.

These days when someone says retreat, the first thought is usually yoga, and there truly are some incredible yoga retreats out there.

Kindred Yoga Life, London

Kindred Yoga Life is a London-based studio, with a global retreat program. Their lead teacher and co-founder Katarina Rayburn will guide you through beautiful classes- dynamic vinyasa in the morning and soothing yin in the evening. A chef will cook up delectable plant-based cuisine to fuel you throughout the week, using local ingredients from wherever you are. With optional morning meditation sessions and pranayama weaved through the practice these are well rounded retreats which will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated to explore their magical locations- from the little Greek island of Paros, to the beaches of Goa and the jungle of Bali.

Omassim, Portugal

A really charming retreat centre on the coast of western Portugal the owners have your experience in mind for every detail of your stay. Challenging dynamic vinyasa classes will get your blood moving in the morning and you will be treated to exceptional vegetarian meals cooked with love. Ericeira is a top class surfing destination and you will be supported to explore the waves by a local surf school recommended by your hosts.

Omassim, Surf and Yoga retreat

Omassim, Surf and Yoga retreat

Daintree Eco Lodge, Australia

Not strictly a retreat but so beautiful it had to make the list. Set in the wonderous Daintree rainforest, you will be close to nature while wrapped in luxury. Yoga classes are on everyday (also open to the public so be sure to book!) and you can delight in the pleasures of the on site spa.

Jungle Yoga, Thailand

Floating on a freshwater lake this retreat is space is total magic. Different teachers lead retreats here, so you can find the style and pace that suits you- oh and there’s no wifi here so you will really have nothing to do except relax.

Salty Pelican, Portugal


Another surf and yoga retreat in Portugal but I couldn’t resist adding this one to as it really is an amazing place. A schedule of yin and yang yoga and surfing everyday will leave you refreshed and revived. They provide breakfast and a nice big kitchen to cook your own meals if you’d rather not eat at one of the delectable local restaurants everyday. A couple of times a week they have a big barbecue that you can join to relax and unwind with your fellow retreaters.

Kali Yoga, Italy

Spend the week in a rustic farmhouse in rural Italy. You will attend two classes a day with a focus on developing your home practice. At Kali Yoga they want you to enjoy the full retreat experience with delightful vegetarian and sometimes raw food, and excursions to explore the local village on top of extra meditation and chanting sessions, if you’re that way inclined.

Basunti, India

Set in the foothills of the awe inspiring Himalayan mountains, this retreat space will take your breath away. Home to different teachers and their own retreats throughout the season, you will find yourself pressed up against nature with incredible sights and sounds just on your doorstep. The food is all locally sourced and can be catered to any dietary requirement.

Adventure Yogi, France

In the glorious setting of the French mountains you can enjoy days of skiing or snowboarding sandwiched between dynamic or restorative yoga classes in the morning and evening. Gourmet vegetarian meals mean you’ll be fully nourished for time on the slopes.

Estancia Peuma Hue, Argentina

This is more of an all round wellness retreat than a yoga retreat. Yoga does feature with classes three times a week (or more if requested), but is supplemented beautifully by walking in the surrounding woodland, massage therapy, organic meals, horse riding, kayaking and lounging by the fire.

The final retreat I want to mention is not a yoga retreat at all, but something special for digital nomads.

Bright Tribe, Turkey

You’ll find everything a traditional retreat has to offer, and so much more. Daily morning and evening yoga classes, excursions to nearby places of interest and adventure activities, like paragliding are all available, and you are also greatly encouraged to bring your latest work project and get busy with that, while vibing with your fellow entrepreneurs.

The point of a retreat is for the period of time carved out by the retreat dates to be relaxing and invigorating, so you go back to your everyday life refreshed. Retreats are a chance to explore and learn about yourself with an experienced guide and a group of similar-minded people. Whatever your direction (literally and figuratively!), there is a retreat out there for you, and if you can join it, do. I have no doubt that you will come out inspired and excited by life.

If you’d like to discuss wellbeing options or cultivate a life where you get more balance, book a freedom coaching session with me to learn how to manage your busy life well…