What does Freedom look like to you?

Is it financial?

Is it having a control over your own time?

Is it mental? Away from blocks, boundaries, and doing?

Is it emotional? Being able to be who you are without fear or uncertainty?

Is it spiritual? Do you want to move freely with your own energy?

Is it something else?

This is the underlying movement that I help people with. Answering these questions. Digging deeper with people so that they FEEL, achieve, and become their ultimate potential. Balancing the art of moving with flow and the universe to win at life, and open metaphysical doors to fulfil their desires.

This isn’t just planning, it’s deeper than planning. It’s becoming. It’s shifting your mind, body and energy towards new ways of thinking and being.

It’s removing old, unhelpful patterns and levelling up.


And this is done through conversation with no judgement, connection with no borders, and going inward and shifting blocks that maybe preventing you from living your potential. With gratitude to the universe, and with understanding that you must co-create (work with the universe) to achieve great things.

How do find your potential? Or achieve it? By understanding yourselves, your design, your personality, your purpose, your strengths, your way, what you project, and self-awareness.

By understanding these things, you live your truth, and start harnessing them, so you can start manifesting opportunities, clients, achievements, and self-actualise towards your ideals of freedom.

Freedom is a choice, and it starts with you.

How Do I work?


So freedom sessions are a happy triangle of strategy, free-flow conversation, and introspective reflection. I invite you to go deep, look at who you are and what you want. And raise your awareness to what is desirable and achievable, and then order them so that what you are doing is proactive and exciting to you.

Meditation and manifestation

I can do some deep meditation work with visualisations, but this is something that I do for people who are truly stuck or would like some wellbeing to calm the mind.

For any manifestation work, I would need to find out what type of design you have first and how you experience the world. This would involve having a coaching session and a personality questionnaire, as different people are not able to tap into their minds eye or have different abilities and ways of manifesting luck and abundance.

Personality Profiling

I also do personality profiling, as an accredited member of the British Psychological Society, and look at Human Design, which looks at personality on a more spiritual level. This work usually comes with a 60-minute feedback coaching session.

When you get to the roots of what freedom actually is, freedom is a connection with true self. It isn’t just having a location independence status. And living your truth leads to abundance, wellbeing, and true learning. The learning that they don’t teach you in school. And ultimately, those are the feelings that you want to have.

This is what Freedom coaching is. Taking yourself to the next level. Achieving more in the right direction. Beyond the rat-race, beyond negative energy, beyond a life of settling.

So let’s talk time, mission, and results…

3 months commitment.

Life changing mission…

And I mean completely life changing…

New job, new lifestyle, new mindset, new country, new you!

Clear sense of freedom.

Clear sense of purpose.

Clear sense of direction.

And fully supported along the way. With access to me via project management software everyday.

And what’s the return on investment? More. Happiness, fulfilment, AND a business that can pay much more.

Just to note this is not a sales call. It's simply a mini-coaching session to help me suss out what your ideas are and for you to check out your options and leave with actionable points. Some coaches charge between £90-£150 for this, but I like to give it for free so we can check each other out.