Best Digital Nomad Events to go to!

Nomad events are a great way to learn skills, enhance your knowledge and build your network. As someone who is in control of your own income, it is up to you to learn, grow and adapt to market changes. These events are usually great for that. They keep you up to date with a wide set of marketing, business and personal development knowledge. And another great thing about them is that they are great for building your network. I have created a list of events that have been tried, tested or are world renowned for being great in the Digital Nomad community.



It’s 350-500 entrepreneurs on a boat for 12 days full of workshops, luxury food and drink, great company and adventure. They do two a year, one from Barcelona to Brazil and the other around the Mediterranean coast. It really is the place to learn about this type of lifestyle and connect with many different people at different stages of their journey. It’s a great place to network and make connections.

Starting at 1000 euros (all-inclusive). Check it out here.


This amazing group do small pop-up events across the world and also big outdoor festivals teaching people on location independence. A wonderful bunch of hosts and a great place to start on your location independence journey. This is a truly holistic and wonderful community that all nomads should be involved in.

Check it out here.


Collaborate, innovate and create with fellow Coboaters aboard one of the most inspirational coworking environments in the world. It’s a co-working, co-living set up so you can live and work in the caribbean with fellow nomads. They are starting up in January 2019. I’ll hopefully be joining them next year as a coach.

Check them out here.



22Stars workation is an amazing experience. You learn about how 22stars creates social impact and business for the woman war survivors in Uganda. So you spend time in Kampala and Jinja at the 22stars Foundation and go on a Safari in Murchison Falls National Park. I did it last year and it’s really worth it!

Check them out here.


Bright Tribe organises remote co-working retreats in exquisite destinations for entrepreneurs and nomads. It is a great way to intimately network with 10-15 entrepreneurs, so you all get to know each other well. And they organise great excursions so you can get to know the local area. Well worth checking out!

Check them out here.


Mingle with hundreds of motivated entrepreneurs and nomads. DNX is usually a week long when you include all the meet-up events and workshops. Filled with loads of useful knowledge and talks to get you motivated and inspired on your nomad journey.

Check them out here.


Nomad Summit is for those who are looking for a freer life away from the rat race, who want to take charge of their own lives, for those who want to be their own boss and be the controller of their own lives. This one I haven’t personally had a connection with as it is never where I am, but I always hear good things.

Starting at $119. Check them out here.


Great intimate conference to connect and learn with other nomads. They are usually held in Barcelona, but the last one was in Medellin.

Price starts at $579. Check them out!


Another interesting way to travel while you hang out with fellow digital nomads is the Nomad Train. Running from Russia to Mongolia on the trans Siberian railroad with stopovers along the way, this sounds like an unforgettable two weeks. Included in the price of your ticket is a SIM with 35GB of data and access to co-working spaces at every stop off so you’ll never miss a beat. Plus being on a train, you’ll have plenty of time to meet all the other digital nomads that think this is a good idea!

Wifi Tribe

Wifi Tribe


Less of a one-off event, more of a journey. They collect nomads and put them into one massive group, so everyone can work and travel together. It’s a great way to make friends and not feel lonely on the nomad journey. You have to stay with them a maximum of a month.


An event that strikes me as an incredible opportunity and a totally WILD idea is the Co-working Safari. 10 days or two weeks starting and ending in Cape Town, South Africa. The trip includes safari, beach time and co-working in the city. It covers all bases and is sure to attract the more adventurous nomads among us. With groups limited to 10 people you’ll have the time to really get to know your travel mates and deepen the connections as you share those once in a lifetime experiences.

There are tons more that I will be adding, however, I tend to write about events I have had personal contact with or are well-known, so that I know they are good! Keep an eye out on this space!