Case Study: Maisie's Journey into Freedom

Before I met Dina I was in a state of flux, panic, despair…confused! I was stuck and had no idea how to start moving forward again. The big plans that I'd had for my life (ha!) had fallen through a couple of months previously and I was back in London working all week at a job that gave me very little fulfilment.

Digital nomad lifestyle

One day, scrolling listlessly through a Facebook group, a post by Dina caught my eye. She was offering a free one-hour coaching session. Although I'd never done anything like it before something pushed me to message her and we ended up chatting.

By the end of the hour, I had decided to move to Mexico and take a yoga job I had been offered there, as well as assist on a yoga teacher training in Costa Rica. I knew I didn't want to be in London before we spoke, but Dina was the perfect support and encouragement to allow myself to jump into the opportunities I've been offered. Now I am midway through creating my freedom business on top of traveling and living my passion for teaching breath initiated yoga.

Working with Dina has helped me discover not only what my passion is but how to direct that into a business that can sustain me and my clients. Every step she has been there to lead me to my own answers and develop the tools to run my own business. Throughout the time we've worked together Dina has been so approachable and utterly non-judgemental, she has really helped me break down some of my barriers with self-confidence. Within the sessions, Dina has quickly created a space where I don't feel ashamed of or too embarrassed to voice an idea. This is something I've personally struggled with all my life so shaking off these shackles now feels like freedom to me!

Until I met Dina I was convinced I could never even come up with an idea but by week two of the Passions that Profit course, I was full steam ahead planning and setting up my online yoga site,

Living the life without a 9 to 5

Dina hasn't once told me what to do, simply directed me in how to access my own ideas. As our sessions progress, I have found more and more understanding of what it means to own a business. It is really eye-opening to realise how much work needs to go in before and around a business to provide a secure and consistent service.

My business, Grace Yoga School, came about because I travel so much and I find it hard to go to the same yoga class all the time. I've seen my friends struggle with the same thing trying to fit classes around shift work or children. If you don't have a regular class it's hard to have a regular teacher and then it's really difficult to build a relationship. Online classes were fun, but I feel they lacked a personal element that I find to be key to a serious yoga practice. Giving people the freedom to choose when and how they practice but still be able to form an organic relationship between teacher and student is something I'd love to offer people.

So thank you so much Dina for everything! You have done in helping me to recognise, accept and believe in my own abilities. Getting to know you has gotten my creative juices flowing and given them direction. I'm looking forward to the last three weeks of the course, and I hope I get to work with you again!

- Maisie

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