6 Things you need to do to find your ideal client

Finding your ideal client can sometimes seem like one more big task to to overcome. You’ve done the hard work of creating your offer, getting it ready for your target audience and figuring out who that is… but where to locate those people ready to invest in your product?

I’ve done this numerous times, both in my own business and with my clients as they navigate their own ventures. Allow me to share with you some strategies that, in my experience, can’t fail to connect you with your ideal client.

  1. Have confidence in yourself and your product.

Be sure about what you’re putting out into the world. Dig deep into yourself to fully understand why you’re offering what you are, and make sure it is the best you can do. Believing in yourself and what you’re selling makes it much easier for other people to believe in you (and follow that up by buying your product!).

    2. Know where your clients hang out.

If you know where your target audience spends their time, you can make yourself a presence in those places. From notice boards in places where your clients will see them to online communities which they engage with, being present where your clients are will help you engage them.

    3.  Have a good elevator and sales conversational pitch.

Learn how to pitch properly. This is a big one, and also why you really need to know who your ideal clients are and how they buy. Check out this blog to learn and suss out your buyers. After you know who they are, then you can master your elevator and sales pitch. We want your audience to fully understand what you do and what you offer… and leave them wanting more. Tip: Focus on the ‘how’ it will help your clients to leave them wanting more.

    4.  Attend events, network and be apart of your industry’s community.

Research events in your industry and choose those that fit best with your offering and your brand. Attend those events, speak at events, run workshops at events, and then watch your network grow. And also, if you are an introvert, that’s ok too. It doesn’t matter about your networking style. Don’t overdo meetings if you don’t want to, so when you do make those meetings count. Deep connection that lead to sales is better can sometimes be more effective than the quantity of people you are meeting. You can do this online and offline.

    5. Stay active and in touch with your community.

Your community are the people you are present with and know who you are. These are the people who usually buy from you. So these people could be your social media network, the people who find you on hashtags, the people in the Facebook communities you run or are part of, your newsletter readers, and people who tend the network events you attend. Be present, be happy, and connect authentically. This is real and people get drawn to real energy.

    6.  Forget about selling and focus more on the relationship building

People don’t like to be sold to, at all. So the best way to sell is be present and engage your clients personally. Build a connection with them and find out what is troubling them. If your product or service can help them and you’ve got them to open up to you, then they are more likely to trust you with their time and money. You should also remind yourself that not every conversation with a client will lead to a sales pitch, respect that, and gain the trust of your clients. Of course, this is more appropriate to service based business.

Products are a lot more transactional and automated, so with a product, you need to think about how to build a relationship with the client and the product. This can be done through selling through pictures, videos, and the life they would have if they had said product in their life.

So once you’re ready to get your product or service out there, give these tips a go. If you are struggling, why not apply to work with me?