Case Study: Ami's journey through Zero-to-Freedom

Ami - live a freer lifestyle

Hey! I'm Ami and I'm currently on Passions that Profit as part of the Zero-to-Freedom course. Working with Dina on Passions that Profit has been inspiring. It has given me direction and structure to move forward with what I really want and care about. I started with a totally different business plan and midway through, I altered my business idea to align to my values and lifestyle. I truly feel happy with the new direction of where my business is going. Our sessions always leave me excited as there is always a clear structure and next steps. Dina pushes you hard, but it’s always necessary and welcome. There are real results and a ‘can-do’ approach, and that is what really matters! The most valuable take away I have learnt from my sessions with Dina is to always take the first step and then another, and then another. And to act and push forward if it’s something that we are truly passionate about.

I recently resigned from a well-paid job in the UAE when I discovered there was another way to live away from the rat race and I wasn’t going to let my fear of deviating from societal expectations stop me. I want to live a life that shows my 4-year old daughter that it’s possible to follow her dreams and to live aligned to values. It’s so important that the younger generation have role models to look up to that are in careers that are lucrative and filled with passion, bring value to those around them, and live life on their own terms.

Digital nomads can be there for their family too

Through working with Dina, I have started up my own business supporting others to build their dream businesses. I am a chartered accountant by profession with over 13 years’ experience working in finance, building businesses and strategy input. I love what I do! With my background in finance and my university degree in psychology, I want to help people build dreams in line with their values and with the technology revolution well under way, I 100% believe that it's possible.


So you can get a feel for what I help people with, I will answer one of the most common questions start-ups ask me: Why should I set myself up as a limited company?

Here are three reasons why I think it’s a good idea… even if you are a one-person company!

1.     Tax efficiencies: There are ways to maximise tax efficiencies through partially compensating yourself with a salary and the rest being paid as dividends (the income that you get as a shareholder).

2.     Limited liability: Any liabilities are limited to the company and not to you personally. Unlike a sole-trader where your business identity is an extension of you. This means you can protect yourself.

3.     Prestige and perception: Being a CEO, founder or MD of your own business means that investors take you more seriously. Being a limited company also gives your business a more trustworthy identity which can make the difference when you are in competition for a client.

Although being limited is a great idea… it’s only worth doing when you are earning more than £25K, however, this is only a general rule and in some instances, I’d advise getting a limited company if you earn less. It’s also a bit more paperwork than being a sole trader… but I’d be more than happy to help you with that! Drop me an email If you want to chat about the pros and cons further. I’d be more than happy to help!

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