This course is for people who have a clear idea of what they are offering, who they are selling to and looking to move their business to the next level. These people want to scale up their profitability, visibility and reputation.

always keep moving forward

If  you could reach more people, tighten up your processes, raise your profile and help more people... would you?

Module 1

business and lifestyle assessment

This module is a quick reflection on your vision for your freedom lifestyle, who you want to work with and your business offering. This week is the perfect time to iron out any creases and determine what you want to achieve by the end of this course.

Module 2

Follow-up and Retention


This module focuses on creating a good follow-up with clients. We will look at ways to help you stay connected with clients in a non-pushy, salesy way. 

module 3

Adding Value

We will start delving in deeper to what you could offer your clients to showcase your expertise and start dialogue. There are so many ways to do this. Most businesses give something away offer expertise, or a discount. This module is all about deciding what would work best for you and your business.

So you have an idea of where to add value to gain trust, but what other products or services can you add to your brand that will really help your clients achieve what they want or need? This module focuses on adding more variety to your offering via different streams of income. In this session, we will look at affiliate marketing, the curation of different services that you can offer and other wonderful ways to add to your brand.

Module 4

Adding to your product line

Love them or hate them… they are essential for helping you build a loyal client base. Knowing how to get people onto your list and how to create an effective call to action with feeling is essential when growing your business. You want people to enjoy your newsletters and look forward to them. This module is all about making your email shine above all the rest.

module 5


This is where we start looking at PR, online ads, podcasts, video, speaking gigs and more. This module is all about raising your profile and getting people to join your tribe.

module 6

Face for fame?

This module reflects on everything that you have learnt and create a comprehensive strategy on how to build on this and move forward. We will assess your progress and decide on future actions that you aim for as your business grows. EXCITING TIMES! I look forward to seeing your freedom business and lifestyle be the success it should be!

Module 7


As an extra you will get:

  • A follow-up session to see how you are getting along
  • Practical tools to help you feel more confident and creative
  • Worksheets and cheat sheets
  • Full support and network from others on the course
  • Full online support between sessions
  • Introductions and shout-outs to my network
  • Discounts on other packages that I am offering
  • All of my experience, creativity and knowledge where relevant





Feel like you get some modules but not others? Well... you can take this course on steroids if you'd like to whizz through it! We can do scale-up in 4-weeks with a mirco-lens on the key areas you would like to focus on. We can focus on getting you that boost without any drama or hesitation, so you get that boost to move your business forward exponentially quick. 

This month is bespoke and tailored to you. We will spend the first session assessing your needs and creating a plan so we can make sure you get the most from the course!

This fast-track course is for people who just want some accountability and new ideas to give their business growth some extra zest.

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Just to note this is not a sales call. It's simply a mini-coaching session to help me suss out what your ideas are and for you to check out your options and leave with actionable points. Some coaches charge between £90-£150 for this, but I like to give it for free so we can check each other out.

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