As a fully qualified business psychologist and life coach, I work with different techniques for instance working to help people understand their values, strengths, belief systems, and how their experience and knowledge can help them on their journey to freedom. I am a great sounding board with absolutely no judgement. I am here to help you become your potential so you live in flow and synergy with your desires.

I'm also offering free coaching to those who want to start a charity. However, I only have one space available each month, so please send me a personal message to apply.


Freedom coaching helps you uncover who you really are through tapping into your values,  interests and passions. It allows you to think beyond the cubicle so you can follow your true self’s wishes. It can take years to fully understand who you are and what you want in this world thanks to the programming of society, so I help people shed the old them and find a new path, dancing to their own flow of life.

There are two outcomes of freedom coaching:

Happiness and fulfilment through BIG life changes.

And usually a new job… either as an entrepreneur or in remote work.

Why? Because that’s what people want. Freedom to roam, freedom to work their own way, in autonomy.

I do this through giving people the space to build and pursue tangible goals that align to the mind, body and soul, and work towards your greater purpose which usually involves location independence.

But freedom isn’t simply location independence. It is emotional, mental and social. And these are things I help people with too. Let’s enhance and transform all aspects of your life. Because that is what freedom is… freedom on all levels. And I’m sure that is what you want to say when you are 90.

“I lived a fulfilling life. I worked in flow and passion. I was surrounded by people that I love. And yes, I saw the world and had all these things!”

This is what I help people with. Making this statement a reality.

So what’s my approach?

My style is dynamic, energising and collaborative. I will ask loads of different questions and really tap into your strengths and creative outlet so you can use them to your advantage. I ensure that you work hard, but also want you to feel inspired to do your tasks and stay in contact with me in between calls, with self-esteem sky high and plan of action ready to go. 

My toolkit includes solution-based coaching, GROW model, ACT therapy, breath work, art therapy and feed forward coaching. 

Check out my courses to find out more about how I target certain issues that commonly come up for clients.

I do sometimes do one off bespoke sessions, but to get real results it is best to get a course as it creates positive goals and a vision.

As I am a nomad, my sessions tend to take place on Skype or Facebook call, however, if we are in the same place I am very happy to do face-to-face… as they are my favourite!


These personality questionnaires are a great way to understand why you do things in the wonderful way that you do them. Together, we will go through your strengths and weakness, and see how we can use both to your advantage, as no-one is ever perfect! In our 60-minute feedback session, we will uncover how your natural preference to act can work in your favour.