This course focuses on getting you prepared and ready to go as a long-term nomad... without stress, worry or dread. We will look at your mindset around travelling, budgeting, planning, and working abroad as a digital nomad. This course does not cover working visas or tax/finances in other countries. Please drop me an email if this is what you are looking for and I will advise accordingly. EXCITING TIMES!


"Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit"

- Frank Borman

Module 1

Overcoming fear and anxiety

The idea of travelling long-term is scary, especially when you are your own boss. You will be completely accountable for your actions and will have to look after yourself… but with that, you will grow exponentially as an individual and discover so much of what this pretty, wild world has to offer. This module skips to the chase and really hones in on any fear or doubt, so we can work past it and turn it into excitement and a feeling of “being ready”.

Module 2

Creating the perfect plan


So we found ways to manage the fear in module 1, now it’s time to focus on creating an itinerary that suits you and makes you feel more in control of your travels. This will be a fun session exploring all the options of where you can go and what you can do, but there will be an element of practicality which is how much can you afford and what are you projecting to make when you travel realistically. 

module 3

move ready

In this module, we will analyse your current situation and see what we can do to tighten up your processes so you can work smarter and have more time to enjoy each place you visit.

In this module, we will go over each module and reflect your position and its growth since the beginning of the course. We will also go over any outstanding ideas or options that have come to surface. This is an exciting time for you and it will be my pleasure to see you go off to live your dream!

Module 4


As an extra you will get:

  • A follow-up session to see how you are getting along

  • Practical tools to help you feel more confident and creative

  • Full support and network from others on the course

  • Full online support between sessions

  • Introductions and shout-outs to my network

  • Discounts on other packages that I am offering

  • All of my experience, creativity and knowledge where relevant




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