Passions that profit

This is a course that focuses on helping people pick the right business idea and push it forward in a strategic and profitable way... quickly and effectively. In just 10 weeks, you will have the knowledge and power to launch the PERFECT business for you… no just following the trend and doing something just for the money. Let’s go deeper and find you the passion baby that will make you money and you are happy to shout about. The entrepreneurs who succeed grow with their business and get excited with their business, and therefore FLOW with their business.

And honestly, with the right mindset, 10 weeks is enough (in most cases) to get you up and running, and getting clients. I have clients that you can talk to who will vouch for this.

And one thing you can do is check out my testimonials page.

This course is no walk in the park. It takes serious dedication. The 10-week programme is for people who want to make their dreams a reality and will put in the work. If you have a fierce passion for a freedom business then I can help you. You will be getting gentle pokes, homework, a mentor, a coach and a problem solving buddy for the whole time we work together. 

Interested? Here’s what the course includes…

Week 1


This week is all about getting to know your strengths, values and life goals. We will dig deep to uncover what you really want and get rid of any insecurity blocking you from achieving your goals.

We will also look at your ideas for a business and how we can start making your dream happen.

week 2



This week, we will look at setting you up all your admin. Which will include setting you up on lots of project management software like Trello, Slack and Google Docs, so you can stay organised on your journey. I will even throw in a great first step to accounting, contracting, and the must-have’s on every website.

I will also go through the basics when it comes to registering yourself as a Limited Company and contacting your government on being self-employed. The rules will vary a little depending on country, but this is something we can work together on.

week 3

soulmate client work

So we’ve done the hard part now we transform everything into an exciting vision of what is to come! We now focus on turning it into a viable business idea by focusing on your soulmate client. There will be a lot of action and doing this week, so be prepared… but I have even witnessed clients make sales here, so you maybe that lucky! This week we make your idea solid.

This week takes everything from the last three weeks and refines it into your own personal brand. Knowing how to create a fluid brand is essential for your freedom business. You want to be authentic in everything that you do. I challenge you on what you want and make sure your brand matches your needs exactly.

You will also be in touch with a wonderful branding specialist, so we can make your logo and start-up needs a reality.

week 4


Now that you know who you are, your general direction and what you can do for money... how is this transformed to words. This module is focused on creating content to market your business in an effective, successful and authentic way. You will leave this session with a strategic action plan that adds value and fits your ethos, passion and ideal client.

week 5


Here, we will be revisiting pricing and working on raising your confidence so that you feel comfortable doing the most hardest thing in the world (valuing yourself and your work).

Trust me... in most instances... you are worth more than you think! You just need to ooze confidence. We will go through a strategic formula to help you value yourself. We will also discuss ways of payment and different payment plan options you can implement.

week 6


This is an introduction to setting yourself up online. This will be totally unique to you as each of you will prefer different website builders... or are able to build your own from scratch. I can help you with the basics of this, user design and can also introduce you to some web developer specialists to help you set yourself up if I don’t know the answers. We will also start discussing different medias and get your pages set up ready for next week which focuses on visibility.

week 7

Digital set-up

Here, we start the hustle! We have the content, we have the basics of your website… so let’s get the party started and shout about your offer.

I have tricks and tips on how to get people engaged with your brand and to help you get consistent with your offer. Be prepared to get creative!

week 8


Here we cover how to pitch your business in an effective and real way... not too salesy. I draw upon my experience in sales, running my own business, techniques taught to me by my own coach, and my own personal creative techniques to currently sell.

However, MOST IMPORTANTLY, we will draw out your strengths and experiences, to put together a formula to help you convert sales.

week 9


Here, we take a look at your confidence levels and make sure they are sky-rocket high! And we will focus on any extras where things maybe a little rocky. We will go over the last ten weeks and iron out any self-doubt that may be haunting you.

This is the time where we really build you up so you can be the best you can be the business person you were destined to be!

We can also look at outsourcing more here, so you can start releasing the workload while you spend more time with clients.

week 10-12


As an extra you will get:

  • A follow-up session to see how you are getting along

  • Practical tools to help you feel more confident and creative

  • All my workbooks for free

  • Worksheets and cheat sheets

  • Full support and network from others on the course

  • Full online support between sessions

  • Introductions and shout-outs to my network

  • Discounts on other packages that I am offering

  • All of my experience, creativity and knowledge where relevant




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