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After launching this course last year with HUGE success. I am currently putting together an even better, BIGGER, comprehensive course to move you from no idea to your first paying client. 


Why work with me?

Because I get results. I have the right balance of experience, training and qualifications to make sure you make life transforming changes. I have helped over 700 Freedom Seeking entrepreneurs learn, grow and develop their dream lives and businesses, authentically. Although the move to freedom is tricky one, I will make sure that you get to the finish line faster and quicker than you could on your own or on most of the courses out there (Trust me, I've done my research!).

Here is what people are saying...

Working with Dina has helped me discover not only what my passion is but how to direct that into a business that can sustain me and my clients. Every step she has been there to lead me to my own answers and develop the tools to run my own business. Throughout the time we've worked together Dina has been so approachable and utterly non-judgemental, she has really helped me break down some of my barriers with self-confidence. Within the sessions, Dina has quickly created a space where I don't feel ashamed of or too embarrassed to voice an idea. This is something I've personally struggled with all my life so shaking off these shackles now feels like freedom to me!

- Maisie Kennedy,


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