Enlightened nomads


Setting up a mastermind, exclusive community for nomads on the path to enlightenment

We all have a connection to the universe, nature, life and want to make an impact. Through gravity, through relationships, through an intrinsic need for meaning.

Some people just float through life, they are happy, settled, or maybe they are on the path for money and achievement.

But some people want more. A deeper connection to the universe, a life where they can see past the veil and want to connect on an energetic level, and want to make a big impact on the world… a healing impact.

Enlightened Nomads, the group I am creating, is bringing together people who are energetically in-tune to the universe, have empathic abilities, and feel the calling of energy to impact and heal the world. We are travellers and freedom seekers that want to come together share our spiritual experiences and create big positive change.

Is this something that resonates with you?

In this group, we will chat about:

  • Life as a digital nomad

  • Stresses, struggles, and self-care as a nomad

  • Spiritual energy and abilities

  • Creating healing spaces to generate ideas on how to heal our earth

  • Keeping your energy safe and guarded

  • Discussions around our spiritual practices in a safe space

  • Our impact on the world whilst travelling

  • A monthly or weekly meditation practice

  • Weekly mantra meet-ups

  • Manifestation meditations

  • Human Design and Personality discussions

  • Goal-setting Mondays

  • Gratitude Fridays